Imperial Vienna

Emperors, kings and their city of residence Vienna

Vienna – the capital of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation: such an illustrious title required an appropriate setting.

For hundreds of years Vienna was the capital of the Europe’s most powerful empire. So of course the emperors and kings attached great importance to creating an equally magnificent city of residence.

Even today many of these buildings, such as the Hofburg or Imperial Palace and the Ringstraße still reflect a splendour that has lost none of its attraction. But it is not just the buildings; the museums and many collections also house the Habsburg treasures and allow you to sneak a glimpse of the way the emperors lived. Following in the footsteps of Empress Elisabeth and Emperor Franz Joseph we guide you around the imperial apartments of the Hofburg or Imperial Palace; through the sumptuously furnished rococo salons of Empress Maria Theresia and the Treasury where you can marvel at the crown of the Holy Roman Empire, the Austrian emperor’s crown and the precious imperial insignia.